Girl sitting (colors)

Girl sitting

Porcelain figurine

Girl sitting (colors)

One of the most recognizable figures created in the middle of the 20th century, designed by Henryk Jędrasiak. Figurine of a sitting woman adorned the covers of magazines, catalogs and other publications related to best industrial design.

999,00 zł
  • DesignerHenryk Jędrasiak
  • Designed in1958
  • Catalogue number80
  • Width (mm)135
  • Height (mm)150
  • Lenght (mm)140

Waiting time: 20 business days.


The figure of a sitting girl is a synthetic form, reminiscent of the famous works of Henry Moore.
The color of dress has been highlighted as: wide, one-color skirt and white blouse with a neckline "in a boat". A characteristic element is the hair style "a pony tail".

A modern girl is sitting leaning her left hand, while the right one is resting on her leg. This openwork adds lightness to the whole form.

Although it was designed over half a century ago, it does not lose anything on modernity.

The figurine is made in several colors.

A short dedication can be placed on the figurine (underneath next to the company characters and number).

A perfect gift for every art and good design lover


Every figurine is carefully handmade in the finest quality English porcelain before being decorated again by hand.

The product has a special protection in the form of underglaze and overglaze marks. The products manufactured in our factory have, among others, factory logo on the bottom

Products made in AS Cmielow  Porcelain Manufactory are very well protected against counterfeiting.


Each figurine is numbered. The number is composed of three different numbers which mean: catalog number, sequence number of the product produced in a given year, the year of production. 

The figurine comes complete with a certificate of authenticity showing the sculpture number, the year of the original design and the name of the sculptor. 


All products are wrapped in paper with logo and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box and they are ready to be presented as a unique gift - perfect for every occasion!

Henryk Jędrasiak

B. 1916 in Warsaw, d. 2002 in Warsaw.

In the years 1938-1939 he studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, in the years 1946-1950 at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (diploma in 1953, studio of T. Breyer).

In the years 1955-1964, he was at the Ceramics and Glass Studio of the Institute of Industrial Design (IWP) in Warsaw.  Jędrasiak with four others talented sculptores (Lubomir Tomaszewski, Mieczysław Naruszewicz and Hanna Orthwein) created a new style of porcelain chamber sculpture - they they simplified the shapes and eliminated small decorative elements. 

He prepared over 20 designs of chamber ceramic sculpture (the most popular models include: African girl, Sexbomb, "Fish, Rhinoceros), as well as fancy forms, among others multi-armed vases.

He also deal with a monumental sculpture, the author of, among others, fountains at the Palace of Culture and Science, monuments to the graves of K. I. Gałczyński and J. Tuwim in the Warsaw Powiązki Cemetery.


To make the product more unique, we can place a manual inscription on it.

The text of the inscription should be given in the message to the order  with information about the place on the item.

The inscriptions are handwritten. If you have suggestions that the inscription should be made in a more simple font, or just a couch, please also let us know.

If you are interested in business gifts and would like to personalize more products. we suggest making text or graphics/logo as a decal.








All products are wrapped in special paper wit logo and packed in a dedicated, elegant gift box.


For some figurines we have wooden box. Such packaging is additionally payable and to be carried out on request (you will find that information next to the option of chosen products).

In the case of shipment of the product via the courier, the packed product is additionally placed in the transport packaging.

If any decoration is not available at the moment, please contact us at

Check our offer!

You will find unique ideas for a gift for relatives and friends, a business gift, a souvenir for guests from abroad, a wedding gift, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just give your interior a new character.

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