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Porcelain is one of the noblest raw materials used in the applied arts. We love its delicacy and that's why we collect beautiful porcelain figurines, cups and other items.

Porcelain requires special care. In the modern world, where we use dishwashers, descalers and other strong detergents, we do not know how to properly clean the porcelain, to keep it in good condition for years.

Here are some tips on porcelain care.

How to wash porcelain

  1. Hand-painted porcelain should not be washed in a dishwasher (our products are decorated with an overtop technique). Wash the porcelain by hand in warm water (never hot) with a little soap or any other mild detergent. To minimize the risk of breakage, it is best to insert a plastic bowl into the sink, fill it with water with soap and gently wash with a soft cloth (in no case it may be a wire washer or sponge with a rough texture).
  2. Never wash porcelain decorated with gold or platinum in dishwashers.
  3. Safely is to wash one piece. If we drop the product into the water, there is less risk of damage to the remaining products in the water.
  4. Still wet products dry the soft cotton colth (well water absorbent). We do not put them on the dryer so that they do not appear on the products of water stains.

Storage and dry cleaning:

  1. The presentation of porcelain requires a special setting. Products can be stored on shelves, dressers, tables and in elegant glazed wardrobes. The last method is protection against dust, and additionally, protecting the delicate and fragile porcelain structure against accidental knocking and breakage.
  2. Products should not be exposed to excessive solar exposure. Long-term leave of products to the sun can cause color fading.
  3. To vacuum the porcelain, always use a soft cotton cloth or dusting duster. The duster will work especially when porcelain products have a lot of decorative hollows, openwork.

Additional information:

  1. In the production of products in Porcelain Factory AS Ćmielów, bone meal is not used, therefore it can be used by vegetarians and vegans.
  2. After many years, ceramic paint (especially black) can become dull. Paints used in painting from the 90s do not contain heavy metals, therefore they are less resistant to UV rays.
  3. Stains from coffee or tea will disappear after wiping the cup / cup with a wet cloth with baking soda or lemon powder into the dish, pour it warm water and leave for a few minutes.
  4. Porcelain products should not be exposed to chemical agents (eg  products  based on alcohol or any kinds of oily substances).
  5. Do not put products decorated with gold or platinum in the microwave oven. White or decal products can be used to heat in microwaves.
  6. You can put the porcelain in the fridge, but remember not to remove the porcelain from the refrigerator and put in the microwave or pour "hot" immediately - porcelain is very sensitive to temperature changes and can break.
  7. Porcelain Silesian cups, moths, grandmothers with decal decoration can be washed in dishwashers using very delicate detergents (without the use of descaling agents).

The certificate of authenticity attached to the product should be kept  to maintain proper provenance , and thus the value of the porcelain product.


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